Sunday, June 22, 2008

Honky Society

In a more and more desperate attempt to sell overpriced, gas-guzzling American autos, the latest gimmick from Detroit are remote door locks that honk the horn. Ah, now by disturbing everyone with loud horn honking, Detroit can allow the mass lumpen to proudly draw attention to the vehicle whose payments they cannot afford, in front of the house they probably cannot afford.

Indeed, on a recent trip to the once serene Jenny Lake, the birds were squawking and one must wonder if it was laughter or disgust at the horn honking visitors drawing attention to their over-sized 4-wheel drive needed for their "rugged" vacation between motels. Of course one wonders why they even need to remotely lock their doors since they can't seem to walk their overweight bodies more than 25 feet from the vehicle.

It's pathetically sad to think that obnoxious blaring horns is the best Detroit can do to sell cars. As for the folks buying or renting these cars, has our lumpen society has become so stupefied by consumer candyland that they just press the button, no matter what comes out?

In the past, people have tried to cover up their mistakes. But now the American public is loudly tooting it's horn, in fact, even waking up it's neighbors when it comes in too late at night, all to show off it's latest step in the mass consumerist lemming march to the sea.

Of course for those still wanting to be more discreet, Toyota's autos emit only a far quieter, less annoying squeak. And Toyota seems to be the only auto company selling a lot, duh!, is it only coincidence ?

But just wait, soon we'll have $2.99 downloadable ringtones for your auto locks.

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